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Terms and conditions



To learn more about our privacy policy, please click here.

By using our service you are accepting our terms and conditions and privacy policy. Everything said on this document will be applied. If you do not, you should stop using this product immediately.

As of 25 May 2018, we rethink our terms and conditions to make it easy to understand document about your right.

On the following documentation which is our terms of conditions. Gitt or CGT will be mentioned and referred to as the company, us, we, they and them (depend on the sentence itself) or just Gitt.

If any mistake in English will be clarified by CGT only and the answer is going to be the final answer.

Law applicable under this document is those from Quebec and Supreme Court of Canada.



Trusted partners:

We work with other companies to provide you with an amazing experience with our product. Gitt uses other companies experience to improve your experience. Sometimes, we need to share data about you, but be assured that this kind of data is not:

Your name, gender or other physical information.

Your email, phone or address.

Other personal information which will define you as a person.

Google, Zendesk, DigitalOcean, Phishtank, Hubspot, Stripe and Mailgun are companies that Gitt uses to provide and run the product. They do have a strict policy about data processing, we strongly suggest to check it.

Be assured that we audit our partners every six months to be sure if they follow what they say.

To learn more about the privacy policy, please click here to read it.

SLA and availability:

SLA and our availability policies don’t apply to free users.

Paid users have access to SLA and availability policies which allow them to be compensated in case that we aren’t able to honor our contract.

In the following text, we will tell you how compensation is calculated:

  • 0,20$ per hours of disruption of service, up to 6$ per month of a billing cycle, for Pro account type.
  • 1.75$ per hours of disruption of service, up to 15$ per month of a billing cycle, for Advanced account type.
  • 7,85$ per hours of disruption of service, up to 83,45$ per month of a billing cycle, for Enterprise On-Cloud account type.

This kind of credit is only applicable as a credit on your next billing cycle.

To get your compensation, you’ll need to contact us by email or directly through our help center within 48 hours. Otherwise, your compensation request will not be honored under any conditions.

Planned maintenance is not considered as a disruption due that the service will continue to work on low latency response. Also, a 404 error code isn’t, but only a 500 error code is considered as a disruption of service.

We highly suggest you subscribe and follow our status page to learn about planned maintenance, disruption of service and other issues or on Twitter @gittapp


We do offer partial refunds only, but at our own discretion solely. Please contact us on our contact page or create a support request from your dashboard to request a refund. If you are approved for a refund, please allow us 5-7 business days due to bank processing delays to be credited and for the refund to be shown on your credit card statement.

To be eligible for a full refund, you must cancel before your next payment date, the current billing period will not be refunded or credited by any means. You can find your next billing date on your dashboard.

If refunded, you will be credited on your original payment method by prorated refund according to your subscription terms. Monthly subscription terms will not be refunded on prorated amount, you will continue to use your subscription until the end of the billing cycle.

Payment will be made on the original payment method only

Copyright and infringement:

If your trademark was used by one of our customers, please send your DMCA or lawyer request to our DMCA agent at contact@gitt.co with paperwork (required) as an attachment.


By using our product you are agreeing that at any time, Gitt or CGT is not guilty of any damages due by using our software. Any lawsuits of any kind against us will be not tolerated or allowed.

Every request will be rejected or denied immediately.


Gitt Inc can revoke at any time your account, links and its data. If you are paying a subscription, the final amount won't be refunded to you, if you had violated our terms and conditions, otherwise, a payment will be made upon the discretion of our company.

If your account was not active for more than one month, we reserve the rights to delete your account without warning. To prevent that, please at least use it once a month.