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As of 25 May 2018, we rethink our privacy policy to make it easier to understand about your right

Data Processing Policy:

Gitt offers two types of data processing policy according to its terms and conditions as follows:

User information which can be a username, email or other account information.

Audience data which means data retrieve using our product only.

User information data processing policy:

Every data about our users are treated differently from the audience data. You have rights over your own personal information which is written as user information. Our commitment to our customers about this part of our terms and conditions is that we will do our best to prevent breaches of our customers' information.

Every data about you are processing with higher grade encryption software and technology to prevent decryption. We use SSL to encrypting data which transit between you (the customer) and our servers. After that, they are available for further processing such as in-house encryption technology and for storing purposes we compress and stores on other servers than the audience data.

Your rights on your own data are that you can request at anytime the deletion of the data at any time through your account settings or requesting by creating a support ticket (required a Advanced and Enterprise subscription.) You still own your data and other things related to it even if they are stored on our servers or partners servers.

Audience data processing policy:

This type of data is more complicated to regulate. You are using a product to retrieve data from other people which are your audience. At Gitt/CGT, we do our best to provide a transparent service to our customers, but sometimes things can be less transparent. The data about your users aren’t owned by us or you. If you use our product, you should add a part to your privacy policy that says:

Gitt or CGT is a trusted partner used to retrieve behaviour and tracking data to improve your experience with us. Data that are acquired by using their tool aren’t owned by them us. They are owned by nobody. By using our site, you are accepting that Gitt is acquiring data about your visit for commercial use through our product and not by selling your data to other.

If you do not display it on your legal agreement between your users and you the following applies:

Gitt or CGT is not responsible for any damage to your data.

No lawsuit against CGT or Gitt will be allowed.

Audience data are processed by encryption through SSL when transiting from the end users (audience and customers) and our servers. This information is then available for further processing such as accuracy and availability policies for (subscription users only) and in-house data encryption technology to prevent breaches and leaks.

You do not own this kind of data, no other action will be tolerated unless government regulators request it.

Trusted partners:

We work with other companies to provide you with an amazing experience with our product. Gitt uses other companies experience to improve your experience. Sometimes, we need to share data about you, but be assured that this kind of data is not:

  • Your name, gender or other physical information.
  • Your email, phone or address.
  • Other personal information which will define you as a person.

Google, Zendesk, DigitalOcean, Phishtank, Hubspot and Mailgun are companies that Gitt uses to provide and run the product. They do have a strict policy about data processing, we strongly suggest to check it.

Be assured that we audit our partners every six months to be sure if they follow what they say.

When you sign up for one of our paid Services, you must provide billing information. For example, if you pay with a credit card, we will collect your card information which we store with a third-party payment processor such as Stripe.

Partner privacy policy:

  • https://www.digitalocean.com/legal/transparency/
  • https://www.zendesk.com/company/customers-partners/privacy-policy/
  • https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads
  • https://www.phishtank.com/privacy.php
  • https://legal.hubspot.com/privacy-policy
  • https://www.mailgun.com/privacy-policy
  • https://stripe.com/us/privacy