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Learn how Gitt Enterprise On-Cloud can help you to succeed.

Gitt for Enterprise is offering to our enterprise customers more control over their data, branding, and privacy with additional features. Every features shown here come with our enterprise offering at no *additional cost. Please look at the following to see what features we are providing to our customers.

See all the features available with Gitt Enterprise On-Cloud account, by clicking on this link. 

You can also read our White Paper (open in a new window) to understand why Enterprise On-Cloud is the best link management for your businesses. Below are the features with some extra information and how unique are they to this account tier.

Unlimited custom domain support:

Unlike Gitt Pro or Advanced, Gitt for Enterprise offers the support for unlimited custom domain support which means you can add your own domain. You can add unlimited domains on your account for a single fixed price. This features and account is designed with corporate and mass media corporation in mind, who need multi-brand management tools all under one account. 

Eligible for Service Level Agreement:

To ensure that our Enterprise customers are happy, we have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with a minimum uptime of 99,85%, in other words, if we are not able to honour this contract, we will credit you on your next billing terms (monthly or annual)

Enterprise Priority Level Support:

Critical applications or businesses need to have critical support for their operation, that's why we got your back with any problems, questions with your account. Get high priority on all our support channel (email support, live chat or phone support on business hours only). After businesses hours our support engineers are here to answer any questions by email or live chat.

Premium API:

Premium API is available as a feature for Enterprise customers. This type of API offers a dedicated instance for your API to be able to serve hundreds of thousands of API request. Please read our White Paper presentation to understand the limitation of the API under shared usage also known as Standard API available with Pro and Advanced subscriptions.

Unlimited Retargeting:

If you want to use your pixel tracking with your short links, you can add pixel tag from a supported network (AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AdRoll) to increase your conversion rate without any effort. A single setup will allow you to retrieve data from all your links. Lower end plan offers limited targeting, with unlimited targeting and unlimited custom domain, you can manage multiple brands under one account.

Unlimited Targeting:

If you want to target a particular type of users based on devices and country localization with a different page, you can now do that for each link. Lower end plan offers limited targeting, with unlimited targeting and unlimited custom domain, you can manage multiple brands under one account.

Unlimited Advanced Parameters:

Add as much as you want advanced parameters for your links such as password protection, premium alias, and different type of redirections. Usually, lower end plan is limited to up to 2 advanced parameters per links.

Need to talk with sales?

Every customer and people who love our product are important, that's why we would like to know what you need to better serve you by taking time to talk with each of our customers before proceeding. We believe in simplicity and efficiency, never we will compromise to sell the services that you don't need.